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I know i'm not supposed to be giving context, but this is my friend from houston. We met at Number's Nightclub, quite possibly the best place on earth.


dem shitz

So, some of you may know that The Knife is one of my favorite bands. The brother and sister duo broke up not too long ago and i was utterly dismayed at the prospect of not having any new Knife songs. But then Karin Dreijer Andersson (the sister) came out with an album IN JANUARY!?!? i'm surprised i didnt hear about it sooner than now, but it is absolutly jizz-ur-pantz amazing in that dark depressing upbeat synth poppy way that the knife was only more so.

here are the three music videos from the album in order of quality in my opinion (but they are all fucking phenomenal)



Grilled Cheeze

its whats for lunch.


Dear m'am,

You have a creature on your shoulder.

Finally some more pictures

I've been working on a comic which has taken up ALL of my free time, so i haven't been updating every day, sorry.

Suprisingly accurate

You Speak General American English!

55% General American English

30% Dixie

15% Yankee

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

The last question was whether mary / marry / merry were all pronounced the same or not. clearly they are.

just like pen and pin and ten and tin but not tan or pan

when i was younger i could never understand that there was a difference between immigration and emigration, cause you said them both the same.




My obligatory titty post

hope you're happy now

and the winner is titties


oh shit

apparently my poll ends in 42 minutes.


Soooooo..... i thought this was a vagina at first

Ugh, but getting better?

So, if i had to describe the past four days in just four words it would totally be "prodigious amounts of phlegm". Gross, right?

yeah, it is.

but also, i have succesfully watched all three seasons of torchwood in three days and OMG THAT WAS INTENSE and a little bit of a downer. not to knock on torchwood or anything, its incredible and i fully recommend it to everyone, just maaaayyyybbeeee space it out a bit.

nothing like locking yourself in your room and watching BBC sci/fi dramas until you cry right? right?

wow i need to get out of the house. like, for serious, i'm about to go batshit.