Warning: Quality Blogging Ahead

We (I) interrupt this here blog just to let you know of a little something going on that mainstream media APPARENTLY doesn't really want you to know about. Its a little something called Occupy Wall Street. And you need to go see whats actually going on right now.

Here is the only decent article i could find on the movement/protest: CLICK ME!!

Everything on the mainstream media is spun so far away from whats actually going on as to be laughable, if its even being writen/spoken about at ALL. Amazing.

What's that? You're worried that you're not in NYC so you can't help with the protests?
Don't be silly!! There's work to be done everywhere!!

1st: Support
Check out the Facebook Page for OWS. Theres ways to donate money and an address to send food/supplies. Personally i'm planning on putting a fall weather/canned food box together to send to them. Seriously, they NEED it.

2nd: Join up!!
Go to Occupy Together's facebook page you'll notice on the left hand side other cities that are participating. JOIN UP!! Go to you're local occupy rally!

There isn't an occupy _______ in you're area? A) look harder, there probably is and B) go make one!! you might be surprised how one small step can lead to a much longer journey. I checked the facebook page for Occupy Houston and support has almost tripled in the last three days.

This isn't a "local thing".

This is a general call for the corporate greed that runs the United States of America to end and for a return to the greatness that once graced this country in the form of democracy and freedom.

EDIT: don't forget to check out twitter, specifically #occupywallstreet but also #occupytogether and #occupy(INSERTYOURCITYHERE)


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