This Land Ain't Your Land

G-------------- C
This land ain't your land,
This land is my land
I've got a shotgun
And you ain't got one
If you don't get off
---------------G ---Em
I'll blow your head off
This land is private property!

As I was walking
Around the boundaries
I spied two sweethearts
Under some oak trees
I grabbed their car keys
As I yelled out, "FREEZE!"
This land is private property!

I've roamed and rambled,
Across my back lot,
And many a backside
I've filled with buckshot,
If you don't want shot,
You'd better git got!
This land is private property!

Whether campers hiking,
or campers running,
I always spot them
and come out gunning.
So to keep breathing
You'd better be leaving.
This land is private property!

Thats right. As a camper we sang songs about misanthropic landowners who shoot campers. My camp was fucking awesome. Actually we used to have to beg them to let us sing this song. After my first summer there they kinda realized it was a little on the dark side and decided to omit it from the repertoire, but not the song book.

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