Discovery - "LP"

Okay, so i got turned on to this album by two of my friends. Well specifically one of them (a certain Brian Studwell) told me to listen to it, and then another one of them (a certain David Knapp) drove up to CT and played a few tracks. Needless to say i was intrigued.

I've now listened to the album a few times through and WOW. Okay, i understand that, yes, i hate auto-tune, but not when its done as freshly as this. This doesn't sound like the usual top 40 drivel that's been pumped out in the last few years. Somehow this hasn't lost its soul in its eerie robot voice.

And yes, sometimes it just sounds like the next Vampire Weekend album and then other times it just jumps out at you like a fun little monster that makes you want to dance. The cover of "I want you back" is absolutely fantastic.

This album is a glitzy, glammy tribute to what i hope is the death of auto-tune. Generally speaking its the death of things when skinny white boys can do it and get away with it right?

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