I am officially over lady gaga

is she SERIOUS. at first i assumed her blatant stealing from original designers and thinkers may have been accidental, BUT GOD DAMMIT IF THE FIRST FUCKING 30 SECONDS OF ALEJANDRO ARE NOT A COMPLETE FUCKING RIP OFF OF FOSSE'S CABERET

like, down to the hair cut. WHAT? seriously bitch, step down.

You ain't that big or that bitch to pull this off.

Let's not even get into the whole she's-stolen-pretty-much-every-look-from-Grace-Jones thing cause i start seething

Way to cheapen high art. fucking hussy.


Okay, just got to the 1 minute mark, and now she's stealing from Ridley Scott?! cause if that ain't blade runner, i don't know what is.


even the dance moves are fosse? and her backup dancers are significantly better than she is, like, embarrassingly so


If the latex anti-nun outfit is not a COMPLETE rip-off of the Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney I WILL EAT MY HAT


that is complete theft!?!


SS uniforms, aka, more fosse stealing


Okay that was a disgusting display of plagiarism. Not even just styles, full fucking COLOR PALETTES.

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