Marina and the Diamonds - The Family Jewels

So lately I have been rather remiss about posting about new music (which i know is not the point of this blog, but FUCK YOU THIS IS MY BLOG AND I DO WHAT I WANT).

That being said, its time to play a little catch up, and what better ear candy to start with than Marina and the Diamonds.

First off, her fashion sense is 100% flawless so clearly i like this chick. There is nothing wrong with pink and acid-green leopard print, especially when topped off with a blue fringed leather jacket. Thats just fucking golden.

So i probably should mention that i really don't know too much about Marina or the Diamonds except that i was introduced to her music by the one and only Mr. Christopher Kylin, who apparently knows her? Badass.

Anyway, her music is poppy but not vapid, pointed but not accusatory, and witty without trying too hard. Its smart and easy to listen too combined with fun and danceable. Most of the songs have a more or less self-empowering message along the lines of "Fuck you i do what i want" but with more pleasantries. But her CD is not all upbeat girl-pop, theres also plenty of ballady heartfelt mumbo-jumbo on there too (and i say mumbo-jumbo in the best way possible, i honestly adore this CD).

My current favorites off her CD "The Family Jewels" include "I am not a Robot", "Hermit the Frog", and "Hollywood".

You should totally buy it and support a new artist with a shitton of talent.

oh and heres a music video

and heres her MySpace page
Marina and The Diamonds

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