Scissor Sisters - Night Work

If this album doesn't make you want to crawl into the backseat of the next minivan to pass you as you're working the street corner for a 20, NOTHING WILL.

Night Work is a return to what the Scissor Sisters do best, in my opinion. I didn't ever get into Ta-Dah as much as their first album. I mean, don't get me wrong, there were some songs i loved, but i never really fell for it. Night Work is something i see myself falling for.

As for style, Jake Shears signature falsetto rings clear along with the his fabulous buttocks that grace the cover of the album. The bass line stylings and guitar riffs of Baby Daddy and Del Marquis make me tingle in my naughty bits (seriously, Del Marquis, i would gladly have your babies). However, i find Ana Matronic oddly absent on the album. I feel she had more of a part in previous endeavors. Guess its time to give the hag the boot?

I find this album to be a joyful marriage of early Scissoring styles along with the newer, cleaner feel found in Ta-Dah! The lyrics are slutty, dirty, and provacative (just how i like them).

I fully recommend it. Let's see if it gets under my skin as much as the first one.

Oh, favorite tracks:

Night Work
Whole New Way
Fire with Fire (which sounds more like the Killers than the Scissor sisters actually, but its still good)
Invisible Light

And here's a music video:

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