The Sun Blindness - Like Pearly Clouds


I first listened to this album on an airplane watching thunderheads. I recommend the experience.

Basically this is a sonic equivalent of a perfect day with friends in the sun in mid spring.

My wesleyan friends will know what i mean, and specifically a day like Zonker Harris (hint hint).

Anyway, its happy and cheerful with a dash of melancholic bliss. If you made a Wes Anderson movie better ( I KNOW RIGHT, haha ) and then turned it into an album, you'd get something akin to this.

I really like that the lyrics are more background than foreground. The lead is taken up by trippy synths and gentle guitar riffs. It really makes you want to lay back and enjoy... well... pretty much everything.

Summer Jamz Embodied.

Light Up and Have Fun.

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The Sun Blindness

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