The Dark Side of the Moon - The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and the White Dwarves

First of all OH NO THEY DIDN'T!


This album is at once a wicked blaspheme of the greatest album of all time and a pure and honest homage to pink flloyd recreated through the expert lens of the Flaming Lips (and apparently Stardeath and the White Dwarves). This album, much like everything that is brilliant and wonderful, has gotten some terrible press (just read the comments on itunes). THEY ARE ALL WRONG (and yet i understand why). The flaming lips, here, come off as a heavy, loud, and raucously experimental derivation of one of the greatest bands to ever live. What people are seeming to miss, however, is that The Flaming Lips JUST FUCKING REINVENTED PSYCHEDELIC ROCK.


I must admit i love the tongue in cheek use of autotune on Money, the constantly driving basslines of On the Run, the switch from clocks to coughs and breaths in time, even the quirky voice overs. This album is fantastic. If you haven't already you should buy at least eight copies of it.

This album has re-affirmed my faith in the music making apparatus of human kind. After the last DECADE OF DRIVEL this album hopefully has the juice to punch modern music in the face and say BITCH PLEASE. It is genius through and through.

no matter what anyone else says, i'd be happy if this album became the anthem of our generation.

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