The Knife - Tomorrow, In A Year

My reaction to this album is exactly like my reaction to getting my first tattoo: "This feels [sounds] exactly like whats going on." What i meant by that profound statement was that it was pretty god damn obvious that a needle was going in and out of my skin several times a second. Similarly, at every second of this album it sounds like The Knife, classically trained opera singers, and a bunch of evolutionary biologists were all thrown into the production blender that is "post-punk". AKA, ITS FUCKING AWESOME.

You may or may not know that i am completely obsessed with post-anything and experimental music so it shouldn't come as a surprise that i love the grinding machine noises and Amazonian soundscapes that pepper this album. Also, i love opera and The Knife, sooooo whats not to like?!

But seriously, you might want to consider your musical preferences before giving this album a listen too. THIS IS NOT A KNIFE ALBUM. AT ALL. SERIOUSLY. This is a fucked up, distopian future noise album that The Knife just so happened to be involved in. It sounds NOTHING like Silent Shout, The Knife, or Deep Cuts. If you did acid to this album, you probably wouldn't have a very fun trip. I mean, you would have an awesome (as in awe inspiring, not as in "great") trip that was profound as fuck, but you might not enjoy it at the moment. That being said, i think i would enjoy it, but i'm kinda fucked up and crazy.

Final Words: Buy it. Its absolutely fantastic.

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