Two Dreams

We were on a road trip to somewhere i can't exactly remember. It was myself, my brother in law, my sister, my aunt, and my father. My father was driving and my aunt was riding shotgun. We were driving somewhere outside of New Orleans in the Louisiana psuedo-country side (meaning there were refineries and what not all around us. The traffic was relatively heavy on the two-laned road.

Suddenly an explosion shook us more than we heard it. It was relatively close. Traffic came to a stand still and people began to get out of their cars. Cops started arriving coming the opposite direction down the highway we were on (there was no traffic coming that way, oddly enough). They pulled into the gravel driveway off to our left which lead to a series of warehouses and refineries. Unfortunatley, thats all i can remember.

I was sitting in a desk in a baptist mega church wearing a blue blazer, dress shirt, and slacks, getting dirty looks from the people around me. My desk was covered in empty glasses. Some had milk residue in them, others were champagne flutes and some were clearly improbable dream glasses for drinking unknown liquids. Feeling ashamed of them i began to clear off the desk and set them on the floor beside me. Everytime i would take some off, more would appear. Clearly some of the people were getting upset. I was holding up the sermon, but i couldn't help it. The glasses just kept appearing.

Finally i got the situation under control and all of the glasses were off my desk and i went to join my classmates in a pew. When the sermon started everyone was paying rapt attention, except for me. I was watching the people around me. We were instructed to get up and find a place in the church where we felt and ease and felt we belonged.

I got up and began exploring. There was a giant swimming pool (for baptizing, i assumed), a media center (full of dark cubicles with flat screen TVs inside), a library, but everywhere i went was already full of people. I couldn't find anyplace that i wanted to be in. Eventually, while i was still searching, the reverend started to call people back. I still hadn't found a place.

Thankfully, that was when my mother came in. She insisted that we leave and that this place was ridiculous. She even asked me to come with her to smoke some cigarettes. I hastily aggres and began to unbutton the constraining dress clothes i was wearing. I took off the blazer.

Then i realized that i had left something in my desk in my church so i ran back to it. On the way i passed the large swimming pool. Jesus, complete with white gown and halo, was standing on one side (his back to me, facing the pool) while worshippers clambered into the pool on the other and began to frantically swim across.

My mother an i left hurriedly.

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