In my house in houston i was playing with my old bird, Ashes, a cockatile. Unfortunately she was old and died. So, we bought a "skeletonizing" kit and took off all of her feathers and put her body in an ant hill. We then mounted her bones on a stand and i decided i wanted a new pet.

So naturally i hired a guide and went fly fishing for rats. The weird thing is, apparently you fly fish for rats on a planet that is concave rather than convex. Meaning, the surface of the planet where the rats get fished for is on the inside and the horizon curves up. It was a relatively small planet with a small house that served as the base for the fly fishing operation. We fly fished in a series of canals bordered by farmland and suburban style housing for several hours. Apparently, the rats are mostly on the bottom in the suburban areas and in the farm land its best the try for them near the banks. Needless to say, no rats were caught.

When i got back to the little house, i was pissed because of the lack of professionalism in the fly fishing guide, or something. But, my friend Dave Knapp was there with his "mother and father" who were actually Eleanore Winn's mother and father supplanted onto him. I dissuaded them from using the rat fishers because they were so bad at rat fishing.

Then i went home, which was now basically the set from Waterworld. Our house had become a series of shanties with tarps and ladders. It was time to take care of my fish tanks. One of them was extremely dirty so I cleaned it, broke it down, and set it back up again. while i was doing that i realized that i no longer had the stand so i went upstairs and found my cousin Alden Littlewood who was holding it. Naturally when i asked her for it, she broke it in half. I cursed at her and snatched it from her grasp.

Back downstairs, my mother tried to fix it with elmers glue and i told her to stop messing with my things because that clearly would not work. I rummaged in the "Glue Drawer" and found some bizarre blue glue stuff that i knew would work wonders. I glued the stand back together and then decided to glue a red piece of glass onto the top of my fishtank to seal it completely from the outside, because it would be self sustainable. The innards of the tank glowed ask tho a blacklight were on them.

I then went to check on my other tank which was in fact a seried of four tanks duct taped together and the fish jumped from tank to tank. In the tank were a stingray, a trigger fish, and two gold fish. There were no tank decs, just white sand. Unfortunately my fish could jump from tank to tank because they needed more water. I sat and watched them for a while.

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