Who here watches sanctuary?

cause this dreams gonna make me out to be a HUGE nerd.

So Dr. helen magnus, will, and I went out into the woods in search of an "abnormal".

i can't even write this... its just going to come across as fanfiction. ugh. and the worst kind too, the kind where i write myself into it. I SWEAR THIS WAS A DREAM.

Alright, i'm just going to sum it up:
The entire sanctuary cast, and me, in the woods. found a shack. in the shack were these weird "yarn balls" of clear slimely string. they also made you a little bit crazy when you touched them and they were extremely flamable. IN the shack ALSO was a hole into a mine shaft. followed slime trail into mine shaft. found nasty hatching place. bickering ensues. then DR. magnus does the once over and with a some bizarre piece of equipment (AKA a flash bulb from the 1800s) she stuns the abnormal: A GIANT MOTHERFUCKING MOTH (am i excited to get back to work or what?!)

then we eat it. just kidding!

OH also, henry end the very end found out that the moth actually is part of a plant life cycle (clearly encorporating stuff from orson scott card's Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide here, cause i'm reading that at the moment)

there was another one in there too... it involved middleschool... and football. i don't really recall any more than that.

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